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Hunter(s) in a Motel Bed

So I have made a decision and I am not going to back down from it.

I’m going to stay in this relationship with a guy who loves someone else and is waiting for some sign that he can be with her or that he has no chance to be with her.

He said that I had a chance with him and I’m the girl who is here and not several thousands of miles away. The fact that she’s first in his heart and I’m not hurts, but at the same time, I have heavy doubts that she actually wants to be with him considering she has led him on for years without so much as occasionally popping into his life to fuck with his heart then leave again with an empty promise to get back together when she has things straightened out in her life. Even if she does love him back, she obviously doesn’t love him enough to make time for him in her life.

So I’m staying. Not because I think I’ll be the first in his heart but because I’m the one who actually wants to keep him instead of hurting him.

I hope she finds interest in someone else soon, because no matter how much of an ass Lucifer can be, he doesn’t deserve what she’s putting him through.

If you read this, can you please reply or message me something. I’ve never needed more support in my life and my choices then I do right now and even a “You’ll be okay.” or “I believe in you.” would mean the world to me.

  1. faerietaeil replied:
  2. eldritchnightmarecuties said: You’re going to be okay. This is a really hard decision and you are super strong to make this choice and to stay and fight for love. I have faith in you.
  3. mybrothersam replied:
  4. vaginaparatrooper said: it’ll be okay -hugs and squishes- x
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