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Hunter(s) in a Motel Bed

About Me

Hello. You apparently want to know more about me.

My name is Dean and I often scream about soul jizzing angel penises and Sam Winchester knocking his brother up with Mpreg babies.

I’m a multishipper and Everyone!lover. But Bobby can make me cry in under fifteen seconds from feels, so I might have to go on a limb and say I’m a Bobby!lover.

I’m gender neutral with a slight preference towards masculine pronouns but I don’t really care which you use.

I’m an avid fanfiction and fiction writer, though I typically write for a more mature audience and I have a habit of dropping projects if I feel uninspired for them and start new ones that inevitably end the same way.

Send me a message and we’ll make sweet crack!fic together.

And if you think you can handle that, feel free to slide into the passenger seat.

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